Writing by Jill

Writing by Jill

Articles and letters


Issue 26, Autumn/Winter 2014. Article ‘My Year of the Cailleach Part 1. Pgs 3-7 (Illustrated)

Issue 27, Spring/Summer 2015. Article ‘My Year of the Cailleach Part 2. Pgs 8-11 (Illustrated)

Issue 19, Spring/Summer 2011. Article ‘Walking the Sleeping Beauty Mountain. Pgs 10-13 (Illus)

Issue 15, Spring/Summer 2009, Cerridwen’s Cauldron: Piece re use of term ‘priestess’ and other labels in a modern context. P.19

Issue 14. Autumn/Winter 2008, ‘The Sleeping Beauty and the Windfarm’ report on public inquiry in
Stornoway, Isle of Lewis (Edited).

Issue 10, Autumn/Winter 2006. Article ‘Lunar Standstill on Lewis 2006’. Pgs 2-4 (Illustrated).

Issue 9, Spring/Summer 2006. Article ‘Bride’s Well on Lewis’. Pgs 9-11. (Illustrated).

Issue 8, Autumn/Winter 2005. Article ‘The Major Moon Standstill 2006. Pgs 10/11. (Illustrated).

Remembrance of Monica Sjoo P 9;  Cerridwen’s Cauldron p24, Reply to piece by Geraldine Charles in previous issue.

Issue 2, Summer 2002. ‘Brighde of the Isles’ (Illustrated).


Issue 29, Autumn/Winter 2016. Article ‘The Amazon Woman of Kilda: Part 2″ (Illustrated).

Issue 21, Spring 2012. Article ‘My Quest for the Amazon Woman of Hirte’ (Illustrated).

Issue 9, Winter 2008. ‘Thoughts on Importing Celtic Goddesses into the Southern Hemisphere’ P5/6

Issue 1, Samhain 2006. Jill Smith’s wishes for Goddess Pages.


Issue 24, Lughnasad 2017 – The Gipsy Switch, pgs 6-11, illustrated

Issue 15, Beltaine 2015. Article ‘The Breath of the Cailleach’ Pgs 27-31. (Illustrated).

Issue 10, Imbolc 2014. Article ‘Landscape Journeying’ p15. (Illustrated).


No. 81, Summer 2013. Article ‘Performance Journeying: Rituals at Cornish Sites in the 1970s. Pgs 14-
16. (Illustrated).

No. 26, Winter/Spring 1995. ‘From Edge to Edge – a small journey from the Western isles to Penwith’ (Illustrated).


No 151, December 2017, “The Amazon Woman of St. Kilda” Pages 19-22

No 110. Review of Thirteen Moons by Peter Knight Pgs 29/30.

No 103, Autumn 2005. ‘The Standstill from the Isle of Lewis’.

No 82, Summer 2000. Review of The Norse Goddess by Monica Sjoo

No 77, Spring 1999. Letter ‘Reminder about Roineval’

No 65, Spring 1996. ‘The South of Harris Funeral Path and the Hag Mountain’ (reprint of TLH article plus ‘Primary Reaction’ – my concerns over Steve Dilworth’s navel carved into the mountain. Comments by John Billinsley and Steve Dilworth.

No 61, Spring 1995. ‘Moonrise at callanish’ under discussion. (Illus)

No 59, Autumn 1994. ‘Landscape and Loss on the Isle of Lewis’ plus letter re Gypsey Race article.

No 58, Summer 1994. Postscript to ‘Women and Earth Mysteries’ .

No 57, Spring 1994. ‘Women and Earth Mysteries’ pgs 8/9

No 56, Winter 1993-4. ‘Recalling Midsummer’.


Issue 124. Letter ‘Ding Dong’ pp 30/31.

Issue 123. ‘The Hag Mountain Funeral Path of South Harris’ (Illus)

Issue 121. ‘Intuitive Functioning at Sites’ (Illus).

Issue 117. Brief letter ‘Deep Effect’ re death roads and spirit paths.

Issue 108. Readers forum ‘Callanish Concerns’.

Issue 105. ‘Disharmony at Callanish’ plus letter ‘Depths of Meaning’ P20.

Supplement (1984-’85?) ‘Journeying’ P.10.


Issue 20, Winter 1997-’98. ‘Diana’.

Issue 12, Winter 1993-’94. ‘Child Support Agency’ (under pseudonym ‘Heather’.

Issue 11, letter re advertising, P9; ‘The Gipsy Switch pictures’ p33.

Issue 10. Cailleach’s corner – on breast screening.

Issue 9, Spring 1993. ‘A Landscape Journey by a Woman and a Boy’

Issue 8, Winter 1992-93. ‘Save the Harris Mountain’. Letter pp22-23 on nature of ritual.

Issue 6, Summer 1992. Cailleach’s Corner – ‘My Triple Goddess’

Issue 5, Spring 1992. Cailleach’s Corner p14 ‘An Urgent and Desperate Call – Callanish, Isle of Lewis.

Issue 4, Winter 1991-2 Cailleach’s Corner

Issue 2, Summer 1991. One of several responses to ‘Women as Guardians of Sacred Sites’ conference in Brighton.

Issue 1, Spring 1991. Cailleach’s corner. (Illus).


Booklet 1990. ‘New Age Patriachy and Ancient Sites’ (Illustrated).


Issue 82, Spring 2003. ‘Journey to Honour Kilbride in the Hebrides’

Issue 73, Winter 2000. ‘Another Midwinter’.

Issue 66, Spring Equinox 1999. ‘Update on Roineval’; ‘Midwinter’.

Issue 54,Spring Equinox 1996. ‘Into that Dark Night – Midwinter ’95, Callanish’.

Issue 50, Spring Equinox 1995. ‘What Now of Swallowhead’.

Issue 49, Winter Solstice 1994. ‘It’s Nearly Midwinter’.

Issue 42, Spring Equinox 1993. ‘The Dream of the Wild Mare’s Flight’.

Pipes of PAN

No 35, Summer 1990. Review of ‘Places of Power’ by paul Devereux.

No 34, Spring 1990. ‘When Mandela was Released’; ‘When the Winds Come’.

No 33, (Solstice’89?), ‘Save Our Stones’.

No 31, Summer 1989. ‘The Salmon Leaps’.

NO 30, Spring 1989. ‘Dark Moon, May 15th 1998’.

No 29, Beltane 1988. ‘I Am Salmon’, letter PS P8.,

No 28, Yule 1987. Letter ‘Unharmonic Convergence’ p1; ‘The Story of Taliesin’s Blanket’.

No 26, Spring 1987. ‘The Moon and the Mountain’.

No 23, Beltane 1986. Letter p3.

No 21, Samhain 1985. ‘The Gipsy Switch’ The fourth quarter.

No 20, Lughnasad 1985. ‘The Gipsy Switch’ Part III.

No 19, Beltane 1985. ‘The Gipsy Switch’ Part II.

No 18, Imbolc 1985. ‘The Gipsy Switch’ Part 1.

No 15. Beltane 1984. ‘Healing the Bunker’ p11.


No 163, Beltane 2007. ‘The Isle of Lewis, my Spritual and Heart Home’ pgs 40/41.


No 10 1990. ‘Lammas 1989, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides’.


No 2, Midsummer 1985. ‘Feedback’ P1.


Vol 10, Issue 2, Bealtaine 1995. ‘Turning the Circles’ (Illustrated).


First Issue. ‘The Zodiacal Journey’

No 2, Winter Solstice 1991. Letter re ‘tourist trails’ of ancient sites.


No 3, Summer 1990. ‘Zodiac Journeying’.


Issue 136, Sept/Oct 1989. ‘Suffering Salmon’.


Summer 2003.Extract from ‘Cailleach Bheure’ chapter of Mother of the Isles. (Illustrated).

Issue 8, Spring 1998. ‘Coming to Ground’.


Issue 5, Beltane 1999. ‘Beltane, Callanish’ (illustrated).


No 5, Summersend 1996. ‘Callanish, Isle of Lewis’ – ‘Into That Dark Night’.


No 18, May 2006. Verbatim record of parts of my talk given at Stornoway moot, March 18, 2006.

Writing – Poems

AstroDiary“, 2017 – poems on pages 49 & 153.

“Challenging New Age Patriachy” 1990
‘West Kennett Long Barrow, Samhain/Dark Moon 1982’

“From the Flames” Issue 1. Spring 1991.
‘Tread Softly, Brighde’

“From the Flames” Issue 7. Autumn 1992.
‘From the Flames?’ p26

The Ley Hunter ‘Moonwatch’ supplement” (1987?)
intro and sequence of poems –
‘Airghid Woman Mountain’ (Illustrated)

The Ley Hunter” 107
‘Salmon’ (Illus)

“Wood and Water” 38. Spring Equinox 1992.
‘Tread Softly, Brighde’ (Illus)

“Wood and Water” 42. Spring Equinox 1993
‘The Primal Source’

“Wood and Water” 47. Summer 1994
‘Song of the Earth to the Moon’

“Wood and Water” 52. Autumn Equinox 1995
‘Full Moon, August 1993’

“Wood and Water” 54. Spring Equinox 1996
‘Pillar of my Existence’

“Wood and Water” 62. Spring Equinox 1998
‘The Primal Source’ plus illustration.

“Pipes of PAN” 26. Spring 1987
‘Imbolc 1982, Broome Heath Long Barrow, Suffolk’

“Pipes of PAN” 27. Summer/Autumn 1987
‘June Full Moon 1987 – Callanish – The Moon, the Mountain and the Stones’

“Pipes of PAN” 28. Yule 1987
‘Samhain 1982 – Dark Moon, West Kennett Long Barrow’

“Pipes of PAN” 30. Autumn 1988
‘Still Evenings’ p8

“Pipes of PAN” 31 Spring 1989
‘Beltane, Callanish, 1987’

“Pipes of PAN” 36. Yule 1990
‘Winter’ p21

“Pandora’s Jar” No 1. Spring 1991
‘Tread Softly, Brighde’ p19

“Pandora’s Jar” No.2. Autumn 1991.
‘Memories of Cromarty’ (Illus)

“Pandora’s Jar” No.4. Winter 1992
‘The Flight of the Beltane Mares’
(Illustrated by Talie Smith)

“Source” No.7. 1997
‘Imbolc 1987, Bride’s Well, Melbost Borve’

“Arachne” No.9. 1989
‘Full Moon, Feb 2 1988, Bride’s Well, Melbost Borve’

“Arachne” No.8. 1988
‘Old Hag Mountain, South Harris, Samhain 1986’