Work in books

Work in books

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The re-Enchanted landscape. Rupert White. Antenna Publications,
Chapter 12 Elemental Co-ordinators, pgs 105-111 with photos,
Chapter 16 The Awakening pgs 141-145

“Book: Artists in the City, SPACE studios; Chapter by William Fowler – Industrial Ritual Performance SPACE, Pgs 109 – 123. Photo of Jill P 116”

Work in Books – We’Moon Almanac

2008. ‘Standstill Journey’ (heavily cropped)
very small image: Head of Sleeping Beauty Mountain wih wind turbines (actually entitled ‘Hoping Not’)!
P. 184, Monday 29 December 2008

1986. ‘Travelling the Gypsy Switch’ – A Terrestrial Zodiac’
an article. (near end)

1989. ‘Bride’s Well, Imbolc’
Poem (opposite January 31)

1990. ‘Samhain’
excerpt from poem, and drawing of Crone at Waylands
Smithy. (opposite Samhain)

1991. ‘Old Hag Mountain, South Harris’
excerpt from poem. (between May 10 & 11)
‘Nevern Churchyard, Wales’
poem. (Moon IX)
‘Full Moon Eve, Callanish, 1987’
excerpt from poem. (between December 20 & 21)

1992. ‘The Story of Old Grandmother Turtle’
part of story/ creation myth. (Moon I)
‘Salmon at Callanish’
excerpt from poem + illustration (between Feb.28,29)

1993. Small Quotation. (25th October)

1994. ‘A Few Thoughts and Feelings before Samhain’
excerpt from article. (opposite Samhain)

1995. ‘Crossing the Lands of Agribusiness’
excerpt from ‘The Gipsy Switch’ booklet
(bet. Sept 1/2)
‘After the Storm’
poem. (opposite XIII Visions/Hopes Moon)

1996. ‘Full Moon Turning’
poem. (11 March)

1998. ‘Brighde the Wise Healer’
small picture. (Feb 2nd)

1999. ‘The Cauldron of Cerridwen’
picture. (Above Jan.1st 2000 – The Millennium!)

2000. ‘B-earth’
small picture. (January 3rd)

2003. ‘Mother,Maiden and Crone’
small picture. (p 168) November 3

2004. ‘’Mystery of the Tor’
small picture. 18 October.

Writing in Books – In Anthologies or other people’s books.

An article in Brigit: Sun of Womanhood, Eds. Patricia Monaghan and Michael McDermott, Published by Goddess Ink, Las Vegas, USA

“Brighid and Me”, Experiences with the Goddess, Edited by Hollee Swann. A piece on my experience of Brighde in the Hebrides, plus two colour illustrations on inside cover.

Overlay: Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory” Lucy Lippard
P.167 (early 1980’s?) on performance work as Jill Bruce with Bruce Lacey.

The Sun in the East” R.B.Photographic. 1983
‘The Time, the Place and the People’ p134, under name of Jill Bruce.
Also appearing in photographs throughout.

“Symbols” Issue One. (Poetry in Wales Today). Millstone Press, (undated – mid-eighties)
‘A Passing Moment of Bitter Feminism – A March Dawn 1983’
‘A Small Field in Kirby Cane, Suffolk. March ‘83’ (2 poems)

The Best of Resurgence” ed.John Button. Green Books 1991
‘Suffering of Salmon’ pp284-286. (edited without my permission)

Secret Places of the Goddess” Philip Heselton.
Capall Bann 1995
‘Chanctonbury Rings’ pp44/45 (poem)

“Earth Walking Sky Dancers” ed.Leila Castle. Frog Ltd. 1996
‘A Woman and a Mountain’ pp22-28. (Illus poorly reproduced)

Senseless Acts of Beauty” George Mackay. VERSO. 1996
as Jill Bruce: quotations, Pgs 183-4; mention, P.39; picture, P.37

The Earth Goddess” Cheryl Straffon. Blandford 1997.
Illustration – ‘Cailleach or Crone Woman) p48

In the Footsteps of the Goddess” Ed.Cristina Biaggi.
KIT, 2000
The Goddess Defined – p27
Personal Story -pp120-122

The Ancient British Goddess” Kathy Jones, Ariadne Publications. 2001
Colour Illustration – ‘Mother of the Apple Isle’ p148
Biography – pp211-213 (Illus)

Living Ancient Wisdom” Paul Devereux. Rider 2002
B&W Illustration – Sleeping Beauty Mountain at the Lunar Standstill. P.120

The Faery Faith” Serena Roney-Dougal. Green Magic 2002
B&W Illustration – Brighde Milking her Cow on the Tower on Glastonbury Tor. P.100

Jill’s Books

“THE CALLANISH DANCE’ Capall Bann 2000

MOTHER OF THE ISLES’ Dor Dama Press 2003

Self-published booklets

“Journey Round the Glastonbury Zodiac” 1977
Poems and photographs of a ritual journey made over 4 days, with Bruce Lacey
Written when I was Jill Bruce

“Awakening” 1983
The story of a journey from Lands End to the Hebrides in 1982.

“Winter Journey” 1983
A journey through full and dark moons – many spent at wells or in long barrows or chambered cairns. A deep winter’s shamanic journey. (Winter of ‘82/’83)

The Gipsy Switch” 1986. (1st Published by P.Cozens. Later editions by me)
Writings of a year’s journey around the land -’84-’85.

“The Story of Taliesin’s Blanket” (1986 or 87)
The story of a blanket as it was knitted during a pregnancy – 1983-84.

“We Have Not Lost Our Instinct For Survival” (1986 or 87)
A journey from Orkney to Greenham Common, via neolithic sites and places of war or nuclear violation, made in 1983.

“First Circle” 1988
A cycle of poems concerning the first year lived on Lewis.
(which was summer‘86-summer ’87)

“The Story of Old Grandmother Turtle” 1988
A story/ creation myth

“The Moon and the Mountain” 1989
poem sequence of major moon standstill year 1987

“Whispers From The Edge” 1991
A further sequence of poems from the Hebrides.

“The Dark Aspect”1991
Poems from the years between marriage and the life on Lewis.

“The Parable of the Comfy Old Sock” 1991
A somewhat wicked yarn.

“Ten Years Turning” 1992
poems of a 10-year cycle. (1982-1992)

“A Circle For Callanish” 1996
The sacred cycle of the year at Callanish etc.