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Reviews of Jill’s Work
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Reviews of Jill’s Work

Newsletter of the Network of Leyhunters Samhain 2018. Review of The Callanish dance by Liza Llewellyn. pgs 35/36.

“The Newsletter of the Network of Ley Hunters”, Issue 14 – Imbolc 2015
Review by Liza Llewellyn of ‘Mother of the Isles’.

“The Hedge Wytch” Issue 33, Imbolc 2006
Review of ‘The Callanish Dance’. P.26

“Wood and Water” Winter 1985.
of ‘Circles, lines, dreaming, rainbow, crystal, vision, women, land’ an exhibition by Jill Smith and Lynne Wood. Showroom Gallery, 44, Bonner Road, London, E2. Review by Cathy Dagg.

“Wood and Water”, Summer Solstice 2000. No.7l
of ‘The Callanish Dance’ book. review by Daniel Cohen.
also ‘Reminiscences’ by Monica Sjoo.

“Wood and Water” No.83
of ‘Mother of the Isles’, review by Daniel Cohen. P.7

“Greenmantle”, Beltaine (2001)?
of ‘The Callanish Dance’. review uncredited.

“Northern Earth Mysteries” No.31 Autumn 1986.
of ‘The Gipsy Switch’ booklet. review by Philip Heselton.

“Northern Earth” no.83
of ‘The Callanish Dance’ review by AR. (p27)

“Northern Earth” No.93
of ‘A Circle for Callanish’ CD – review by Kay Allan

“Northern Earth” No.94
of “Mother of the Isles” – review by John Billingsley

“Avalon” magazine. Autumn/Winter 2000. Issue 16
of ‘The Callanish Dance’ review by Kathy Jones.

“Avalon” Magazine, Summer 2003
of ‘A Circle for Callanish’ CD – review by Kay Allan

“The Ley Hunter” 103.
of ‘The Gipsy Switch’ booklet. review by Paul Devereux.

The Ley Hunter” 108.
of ‘First Circle’ booklet. review by Chris Hall.

The Ley Hunter” 118
of ‘Whispers from the Edge’ booklet. review by Paul Devereux

The Ley Hunter” 122
as part of a review of ‘Moot ‘94’ – with photo.

“Pipes of PAN” 25. Samhain 1986
of ‘The Gipsy Switch’ booklet. review by Kate Underwood.

“Pipes of PAN” 29. Beltane 1988
of ‘First Circle’ booklet. review by Nicola Beechsquirrel?

“Pandora’s Jar” No.2 Autumn 1991.
as part of review of ‘Women as Guardians of Sacred Sites’ conference. review by ‘Sandra’
of ‘Whispers from the Edge’booklet. review N. Beechsquirrel?

Meyn Mamvro” no.26. Winter/Spring 1995
of ‘Whispers from the Edge’ presentation in Penzance.

Meyn Mamvro” No.30. Spring/Summer 1996
of ‘A Circle for Calanais’ presentation in Penzance.

Meyn Mamvro” No.45. Summer 2001
of ‘Mother of the Isles’ presentation in Penzance.

“Third Stone” No.47.
of ‘Mother of the Isles’ review by Neil Mortimer. P.86

Stornoway Gazette” May 29 2003
‘Book Review’ of ‘Mother of the Isles’ by Maggie Fraser. P.13

Articles about or interviews with Jill

‘The Inner Light, Autumn Equinox 2018 p34. Article by Laurence Main’
‘Monica Sjöö- life and letters 1958-2005″ by Rupert White. Antenna Publications. Many mentions and photographs of Jill and her son Taliesin.’

Pagan Dawn – Issue 208, Lughnasadh 2018.
‘Leyhunting’ column by Laurence Main is about Jill.

“Woman” July 19 1975
part of series: ‘It’s my marriage and I’m stuck on it’

‘Life’s a Magic Merry-go-round’ by Joan Reeder. Pgs 43-46
Here I appear in my manifestation as Mrs. Bruce Lacey.
(With photos)

“Greenmantle” Lammas/Equinox 2001.
Interview. (Illustrated)

“Free State” Issue 6. Lughnasadh 1999.
‘Local Artists’ one of several interviewed by Jo Waterworth. (Illustrated)

“Celtic Connections” Issue 14. Spring 1996.
‘The Outer Hebrides – Callanish and the Isle of Lewis’ interviewed by David James. (Illustrated).

“The Hebridean” Friday, October 14 2005. P.13
“Story Behind the Picture”, Eilidh Whiteford
Article about and review of my artwork, featuring three pictures from my “Standstill Journey” sequence.