Published Work

Published Work


A first attempt to catalogue my published work, both illustration and writing. It is possibly incomplete and I shall add to it as I come across more. It is the most complete to date.

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Illustrations on their own
Illustrations of other people’s articles etc

Illustrations – covers of magazines etc

“The Pipes of PAN” No.27, Summer/Autumn 1987
“The Pipes of PAN & PPNN” No.28, Yule 1987
“The Pipes of PAN & PPNN” No.31, Spring 1989
“Challenging New Age Patriarchy” booklet 1990
“Pandora’s Jar” No.2, Autumn 1991
Northern Earth Mysteries Magazine” No.53, Spring 1993
“The Ley Hunter” 121
Isle of Avalon Foundation” leaflet, Summer 1998
Isle of Avalon Foundation” leaflet, Summer 1999
“Speaking in Tongues” Tape/CD cover for album by Jana Runnalls. Minimax Music 1995
“Precognition: Travelling in Time” Cover illustration for tape of Lecture series by Dr. Serena Roney-Dougal 1999
Goddess Alive!” magazine cover. No.2 Summer 2002
Alchemy of Love” Cover for book of poetry by Craig Gilbert. 2003. Includes small B& W Illustrations also in text of book.
Goddess Alive!” No. 19 Spring/Summer 2011″

Illustrations – On their own

The Magic and Mystery of the Callanish Compex and the Isle of Lewis“, by Pip Lee Meer, 2016 (includes back cover)
“The Goddess at Samhain” by Isabelle Weber, pub: Glastonbury Goddess Temple 2008. Quite a number of colour illustrations.
Earth Pathways Diary” 2009, pg 116 – “Midwinter, Avalon”
AstroDiary” 2010 – B&W pictures above: March 6; April 10; June 12, July 10, Sept 11, Oct 9 and Page 155.
AstroDiary” 2011 – 2 B&W illustrations – above 10th September and above 31st December.
AstroDiary” 2012 -: P.37 – ‘Wolf Moon’; P.51 = ‘Dreaming’; P.61 – ‘The Emergence of Spring’; P.109 – ‘Dream of the Wild Mare’s Flight’; P.159 – ‘Cauldron of Cerridwen; P.171 – ‘Watching the New Sun Rise’
AstroDiary” 2013 -:  Pgs 31, 98, 121, 163
AstroDiary” 2014 -: Pgs 27, 45, 74, 137, 159
AstroDiary” 2015 -: Pgs 49, 63, 127, 153
AstroDiary” 2016 -:  Pgs 23, 79, 175
AstroDiary” 2017 -: Pgs 39, 65, 105,167
“Wood and Water” No.55, Summer 1996 – ‘Wolf Moon, Callanish’
“Wood and Water” No.49, Winter Solstice 1994 – ‘Crone Woman of Lanyon Quoit, scrying’
Friends of Bride’s Mound Newsletter” June 2000 – ‘Brighde Milking Her Cow’ Tower, Glastonbury Tor
“Wood and Water” Winter 2002 – ‘Birth of the New Sun’
“Wood and Water” No. 84 – ‘Oracle of the Deep Winter Mound’ P.7

Illustrations – Of other people’s articles etc

“Earthlines”, Issue 1, 2012 – P. 29 ‘Birthing’, P. 31 ‘Cailleach Bheure’ in article ‘Re-storying the Earth: Listening to the Land’s Dreaming’, by Sharon Blackie

Goddess Alive!” Issue 15 Spring/Summer ’09
P. 13 – Image ‘Brighde of the Waters’ used to illustrate article:
‘Imbolc and the Goddess’ by Tira Brandon-Evans

“Pipes of PAN” No.34, Spring 1990
‘The Callanish Dance’ illustrating Nicola Beechsquirrel’s review of ‘Goddess Re-Awakening’ exhibition and events in Glastonbury.

“Northern Earth” No.62, Summer 1995
‘Wolf Moon’ item on Scottish Heritage.

“Northern Earth” No.63, Autumn 1995
‘Hag Mountain’ item on writings about “North Britain elsewhere’

“At the Edge” No.10, June 1998
‘Hag Mountain, South Harris’ article ‘Do Elves Have Rights?’ by Jeremy Harte.

“Avalon” Magazine, Issue 9, Summer 1998
‘The Wild Hag’ article ‘Glastonbury’s Hungry Ghosts’ by William Bloom.

Isle of Avalon Foundation poster for ‘Acting: Theatre of the Soul by Shiela Martin. 2002

Goddess Alive!” No 7
Early ‘Moon and Mountain’ picture. ‘Goddess World News’ P.3.

“The Beltane Papers” Issue 36
Inside front cover
Image “Mother of the Millennium” behind poem by Sile Englest

Goddess Alive! No 9
Illustrations to article “Goddess in the Hebrides” by Tiziana Stupia pgs 6-8.

“Northern Earth” No. 110
“Beltane at Callanish” P.19
in article “At the Heart of a Dark Crystal Vision” by Eddie Murray and Sue Davies

Newsletter of the Network of Ley Hunters
“Issue 24, Lughnasad 2017 – The Gipsy Switch, pgs 6-11, illustrated”.