Gallan Head Community Trust – Community Trust where Jill lives, who have just purchased land back from the MoD.

Jill’s son Taliesin’s website of Celtic and other illustrations.

Simant Bostock has a beautiful new website of Sculpture and Photography inspired by Celtic Mythology and Hebridean Folklore.

A Century of Artists’ film in Britain – Bruce Lacey & Jill Bruce, ‘How to Have A Bath

Alternative Miss World – Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World with pictures of Jill when she was Jill Bruce in the early 1970s

A website Jill’s fond of – the Unst bus shelter

Astrocal– provides good information about the lunar standstill


Calanais Visitor Centre

Capall Bann Publishers

Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Dor Dama Press

Goddess Alive! Magazine

Goddess Conference

Goddess Pages

Poppy Palin

Rae Beth

Stornoway Black Pudding

Jill’s daugher Saffron’s wedding photos

Jill’s daughter Saffron and her husband Luke’s website for creative furnishing and antiques