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A field trip of the Network of Ley Hunters on the Isle of Lewis, led by Jill Smith


Julie Felix TourFrom her first visit to the Western Isles in the summer of 1982 Jill has built up a deeply personal and spiritual relationship with the ancient and sacred sites of the Islands. Her studies and research into the myths, legends and tales connected to many of these places deepened her knowledge and understanding of them even further, giving her a unique perspective on the whole.

If you are organising a spiritual or goddess-focussed tour of or retreat to the Western Isles it could be enriched and enhanced by having her take your group to some of the sites which mean most to her and which she feels to be particularly important.

She could also give you an evening slide presentation and talk about these sites and her artwork which has grown from her relationship with them.

Jill does not have her own transport, nor a set tour on which she takes people. Each talk and ‘guiding’ is custom-built to the group. You would need to contact her when you are at the planning stage of your tour or retreat and work together from there. Her approach is very personal; she wishes to share her own experience with the place and introduce people to these places which have become like friends to her so that the members of the group can then have their own personal and unique experiences.

If individuals or small groups are coming to the Island with their own transport and wish to arrange in advance for her to go round the Island with them, that would be lovely, but she would like to talk about it all beforehand. Please don’t just turn up on her doorstep unannounced. She is also very happy to show friends around if they are visiting!

For further details and to discuss, contact her by email or post initially; she will then let you have her phone number. Friends please phone in advance.

Ley Hunters

Jill with the Society of Ley Hunters at Bosta, Isle of Lewis, March 2006